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Today's corporate environment places small and mid-sized businesses at a huge disadvantage when it comes to the use of information technology. It seems that a company must choose between staying afloat or acquiring the information technology it needs to run the business.

This is mainly due to a small number of players owning the de facto standards in use in the information technology arena, and charging high premiums for legal licensing of their products. Most companies looking to implement the systems that would facillitate business and give them a competitive advantage, often find that the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is a daunting barrier to entry.

APCdev was founded to provide a viable alternative for companies that cannot afford to spend more than half their yearly budget on information technology, but who recognize the need to strengthen their IT and compete on a level playing field in today's marketplace.

If this sounds like your company, we invite you to browse the rest of our site and to contact us for a free, no obligation evaluation of what we can do for you. 

At the same time, APCdev, through its officers and associates, benefits from decades of IT experience in a wide selection of markets, products, technologies and environments. This allows us to offer traditional IT products and services, too, should this be what makes the most sense for any of our clients.  Contact us and allow us to show you what we can bring to table in the traditional IT paradigm, as well.

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